Can you spend $14 MIllion a Month on Google Adwords like Amazon?  (...didn't think so)

Have you ever been traveling on a highway and taken an exit ramp to a restaurant, hotel or gas station only to be disappointed to find a run down or abandoned building?

The point is, there was NOTHING there that caused you to stay and connect with the owner's goods or services. 

Now imagine being Amazon spending $14 million dollars a month just to get people to your website.  Can you compete with that?

Further, Google reduced the  organic search results by 57% from 7 to 3 listings and removed the side adword advertising opportunities.  (How can you compete with the ridiculous rising cost of adword advertising?)

There is a better way...

Don't spend more on advertising. Instead, multiply your Conversion Ratio rabbits!

Make the dollars you are already spending do more for you.

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BOOST your Conversion Rate through the roof WITHOUT you spending anything more on online advertising!  Yes, you heard it right. Don't waste your money on more adwords.

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